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Every child(Lebanese or refugees) with cancer should has access to the best possible treatment and care.
  .No child should suffer from Cancer.

  • Increase the childhood cancer survival rate in Lebanon and the region to 80%
  •  To promote public awareness about cancer i.e early symptoms and prevention strategies.
  • To promote early diagnosis and referral, and provide effective therapy and palliative care.
  •  To provide adequate infrastructure, equipment and drugs for the treatment of cancer patients.
  • Establish new and effective psychosocial interventions for patients and their families who are coping poorly with the disease and its treatment.

Over 200,000 children develop cancer worldwide each year. 80% of those children live in low or middle income countries where survival rates can be as low as 5%, compared to 80% in high income countries.

 Even though nearly three children are dying every week from cancer, We are absolutely confident we can and will beat childhood cancer within the foreseeable future.