Parents Aide program

We offer services to assist families in crisis, by applying intensive intervention strategies to promote safety, health and overall well-being in order to strengthen families and reduce trauma, these programs assist in working towards family reunification by developing realistic long term solutions. Parent Aide includes a range of instruction, assistance and support services to parents to improve their skills and ability to fulfil parenting roles and responsibilities. The service also includes arrangement and supervision of visitation between children in out of home placements and their parents, guardians, siblings or significant others to promote a continued relationship and to put into practice and demonstrate necessary parenting skills.
Parents are referred for this service through their Child Protective Services case manager to address identified safety threats, risks and required behavioural changes. The assigned Parent Aide works with the parents on education and training activities related to home management tasks, parenting and accessing emergency assistance and community resources with the goal of reunification of the family.

Parent Aide staff are trained in teaching and coaching parents in the use of the necessary skills, with the goal of the parents being able to perform the tasks independently. Parent Aide services are individualized and designed to build upon family strengths and resources.